About Us

About Us


We're your local top rated and affordable HVAC mechanical contractor. We're located in Skokie  IL, and we serve Chicago and the north shore suburb area. We provide complete residential and commercial HVAC services. Your Comfort is Our Business!

For most of our clients, they expect their HVAC systems to simply work and that's the assurance we bring to the table. With us, you'll always know that your heating and cooling are in good hands and that we're never more than a phone call away should you need our help.


With plenty of options on the Chicago & North Shore Suburbs HVAC market, making an informed decision can seem like the luck of the draw. For Airbender Mechanical , we provide expert service involving skill, not luck.

  • Local Knowledge:

    Being based in Chicago & North Shore Suburbs means that we know the specific challenges that our local climate can bring and how best to deal with them.

  • Top Level Ability:

    Staying up with the latest HVAC product and technique trends, our team are true experts with a body of knowledge that's perfectly attuned to your situation.

  • Absolute Professionalism:

    When Airbender Mechanical is hired for a job, we arrive on time, complete the work in a timely manner, and offer a guarantee for our HVAC services.

  • Pricing Transparency:

    There are no hidden markups on our invoices and we'll gladly show you what other HVAC firms would charge for the same or similar services.

  • Impressive Skills:

    Our results speak for themselves. Talk to anyone in Chicago & North Shore Suburbs that's contracted AirbenderMechanical for HVAC services and you'll find an unblemished record of superior quality.

  • A Friendly Team:

    When AirbenderMechanical comes to your property, you can rest assured that you'll be met as a valued customer, complete with courtesy, professionalism, and full respect for you and your location.

  • Professional Knowledge:

    At AirbenderMechanical , we believe in having the right tools to do both simple and complicated HVAC work. As such, our staff are trained extensively and have vast experience that informs every decision on the job.

  • Competitive Pricing:

    Because we don't have the same high overhead as national firms, we're able to deliver our outstanding HVAC services without the inflated costs of other companies. Created by locals, for locals, our work is competitive with any other Chicago & North Shore Suburbs HVAC provider.

Honesty and integrity are the Airbender Mechanical way. Combined with our technical ability, you've finally found an HVAC service provider in Chicago & North Shore Suburbs that you can trust. Browse our site to see detailed information about or services or call for a free estimate.